Is it a Tactic or a Strategy?

What Should Your FOCUS be? Google Adwords?SEO?Facebook Advertising?Social Media?Email Marketing?Content Strategy?Amazon?CRM Integrations?Marketing Funnels?Sales Process Mess?Confused Yet? 

Watch This Exclusive Webinar I did with Business Consultant and Digital Marketing Guru Perry Marshall

Facebook Advertising “Facebook 80/20”


    Survive the Quarantine : Remote Work for a Better World


    Survive the Quarantine was the Original Title but was banned by Amazon.

    The Amazon Safe Title is: Remote Work for a Better World


    Most Businesses Fail in the First 5 Minutes – It just Takes them 3-5 Years to Realize it. Out NOW


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    Books a Million

    Most Businesses Fail in the First 5 Minutes, It Just Takes them 3-5 years to Realize it. The modern book on the most important concept in business. Positioning.

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    Ultimate Sports Inc

    PHVAC Profits

    Consulting for Plumbers and HVAC

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    What Are Other People Saying About Gabe Bautista?

    John Paul Mendocha, Fortune 50 Turnaround Consultant and Entrepreneur
    Jeff Garnett, Owner Clean Slate Laser Tattoo Removal
    Philip Meese, Owner of Philip Meese Advisor Growth
    Michael Smart , independent communications trainer for Fortune 100 Companies
    Behrouz Moemeni Ph.D. , Founder and CEO at SortSmart® and Bemo

    Perry Marshall

    Author of Ultimate Guide to Google AdWords, and Ultimate Guide to Facebook Advertising.

    Our Facebook genius, Gabe Bautista.

    Thomas Meloche

    Founder at

    As the author of "Ultimate Guide to Facebook Advertising" I have had the opportunity to work with Gabe Bautista on multiple occasions jointly in marketing, writing, and advertising. I am continually impressed by his professionalism, skills, and ability to move fast and get things done. I highly recommend Gabe as a team member for ANY project you may be considering. This is a rare recommendation from me.

    Dima Ermakov

    Digital Marketing Consultant at GoAnimate Inc

    Gabe is a true joy to work with. Bright, intelligent, analytical and highly creative full-stack marketer. A rare combination. Gabe’s expertise particularly stands out when it comes to customer acquisition through paid media channels. Highly recommend.

    Douglas Wesney

    Corporate Senior Manager, Operations Innovation & Business Optimization at Waste Management

    I have worked with Gabe for two years in side-projects, and also as a client of his. We have collaborated jointly on several projects together recently, and he's a highly valued business partner for me. I have a long-term plan to continue working with Gabe professionally. And personally, he's solid, intelligent, personable, and easy to work with.

    John Paul Mendocha

    President at Outer Edge Software

    Gabe, was part of my team that delivered a high end ($10,000 per seat) seminar. His work was great and helped make it special for all participants. Smart and capable, also willing to the do the job necessary to make things happen.

    Jesse Schor

    Director of Operations at Bobber Marketing

    Gabe has been a digital media ads consultant and strategist for our clients.

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